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Education at the college is organized on both free and paid tuition bases. Pursuant to Government Decision No. 752 dated July 8, 2015, students who demonstrate exceptional progress at the college have the opportunity to continue their studies remotely at state universities in Armenia starting from the second year. Additionally, based on Government Decision No. 1330 dated November 28, 2013, the college may transfer students between paid and free tuition categories depending on their annual academic performance.

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Abovyan State Energy College (referred to as the College) is an integral part of the national education system, dedicated to creating, transferring, and disseminating knowledge while fostering a national mindset among its students. The primary goal of the college is to equip students to attain higher positions in society and actively participate in all spheres of public life.

The history of the college traces back to 1968 when it originated as the Abovyan evening branch of the Krasnodar "Electronic Equipment Engineering" technical school. In its inaugural year, the college offered admissions in specialties such as "Manufacturing of radio parts and radio components" and "Manufacturing of semiconductor devices."

In 1971, through the issuance of a second order, the technical school was renamed to the "Abovyan Evening Electronic Devices" technical school. The first cohort of graduates, numbering 60, successfully completed their studies in 1972.

The expansion continued in 1975 with the addition of the specialty "Manufacturing of microelectronic items," contributing to a rise in the number of graduates. Between 1972 and 1976, the technical school produced a total of 285 graduates.

Significant infrastructural developments occurred in subsequent years, including the construction of new educational and administrative buildings in 1981, followed by a dormitory in 1990. On July 17, 1982, Order No. 66 officially renamed the institution as the "Abovyan Electronic Devices Technical School." Over the decades, the college has proudly graduated more than 1,000 students, contributing to the advancement of the field and society at large.


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ASEC - the only state energy college in Armenia. The college has conditional institutional accreditation.

Our perspective

ASEC is a secondary vocational educational institution, the main prospect of which is the training of qualified and advanced specialists in the field of energy.

Our mission

The main mission of the college is the creation, transfer and dissemination of knowledge, the formation of the national mentality of students, the coordination of it's own practices and decisions with national interests.


Currently, Abovyan State Energy College hosts approximately 252 students enrolled in 6 majors within the secondary vocational education program. Additionally, 17 students are pursuing studies in 1 major through distance learning, showcasing the college's commitment to providing diverse educational opportunities tailored to the needs and preferences of its student body.

Qualified specialists

The mission of Abovyan State Energy College is focused on modernizing educational content, enhancing the educational process, and ensuring the quality of education. Through ongoing efforts and initiatives, the college strives to adapt its curriculum to contemporary standards, implement innovative teaching methodologies, and maintain high standards of academic excellence to meet the evolving needs of students and the demands of the modern educational landscape.


Over its 53 years of activity, Abovyan State Energy College has graduated approximately 5,575 individuals, the majority of whom have successfully entered various sectors such as the energy industry, accounting departments, and other related fields. 

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