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Abovyan State Energy College (referred to as the College) is an integral part of the national education system, dedicated to creating, transferring, and disseminating knowledge while fostering a national mindset among its students. The primary goal of the college is to equip students to attain higher positions in society and actively participate in all spheres of public life.

The history of the college traces back to 1968 when it originated as the Abovyan evening branch of the Krasnodar "Electronic Equipment Engineering" technical school. In its inaugural year, the college offered admissions in specialties such as "Manufacturing of radio parts and radio components" and "Manufacturing of semiconductor devices."

In 1971, through the issuance of a second order, the technical school was renamed to the "Abovyan Evening Electronic Devices" technical school. The first cohort of graduates, numbering 60, successfully completed their studies in 1972.

The expansion continued in 1975 with the addition of the specialty "Manufacturing of microelectronic items," contributing to a rise in the number of graduates. Between 1972 and 1976, the technical school produced a total of 285 graduates.

Significant infrastructural developments occurred in subsequent years, including the construction of new educational and administrative buildings in 1981, followed by a dormitory in 1990. On July 17, 1982, Order No. 66 officially renamed the institution as the "Abovyan Electronic Devices Technical School." Over the decades, the college has proudly graduated more than 1,000 students, contributing to the advancement of the field and society at large.

In the 1990s, Abovyan State Energy College expanded its admissions to include a range of new specialties, including "Installation of Electrical Stations and Substations Equipment", "Jurisprudence", "Construction and Installation of Transmission Lines", "Commodity Science, Organization of Material and Technical Supply and Sale", "Banking", "Management", and "Automatic Management of Systems". During this period, the college saw an increase in the number of graduates, reaching a total of 660.

In 1996, on February 1st, the institution was renamed from "Abovyan Electronic Devices Technical College" to "Abovyan Energy Technical College". Subsequently, on February 2, 2000, it was further renamed to "Abovyan State Energy College". In 2002, by decision of the RA Government on June 20th, the college was renamed "Abovyan State Energy College" NOC.

In 2005, the college entered into an agreement with Armenian-Russian Gazprom, facilitating admissions in new professions such as "Computing and Automated Systems Software", "IT and PC Software", "Economics and Accounting and Control", "Metrology", and "Gas Assembly and Operation of Equipment and Systems".

By 2012, the college initiated admissions based on general education, leading to a significant increase in student enrollment and further expansion of educational opportunities.

Our philosophy

"Our philosophy is based on the belief that education is the cornerstone of progress and development. We provide our students with the knowledge, skills and values they need to become leaders in the energy industry. By focusing on hands-on experience, interdisciplinary learning and sustainability, we aim to develop a community of forward-thinkers who will be able to meet the challenges of tomorrow."

The principle of ASEC

"The guiding principle of ASEC is to outdo everyone through innovation. We provide high-quality education that helps our students excel in the dynamic field of energy technology. Our principle revolves around quality and competency-based continuous learning.”

The key to success

“The key to our success is our unwavering commitment to student-centered learning and industry. Develop strong partnerships with energy industry leaders, providing state-of-the-art equipment and resources, while offering personalized support to each student. To enable our graduates to succeed in a competitive global marketplace. Additionally, our emphasis on developing a culture of innovation, critical thinking and collaboration prepares our students for lifelong professional growth and contribution to society.”

Training with us

Over its 53 years of activity, Abovyan State Energy College has graduated approximately 5,575 individuals, the majority of whom have successfully entered various sectors such as the energy industry, accounting departments, and other related fields. The college is dedicated to continuously modernizing educational content, refining the educational process, and ensuring the overall quality of education. 

To achieve these objectives, the college emphasizes the strengthening of cooperation with other educational institutions and stakeholders. This collaboration is instrumental in establishing a robust system for maintaining educational quality and fostering a culture of excellence within the institution. Through these efforts, Abovyan State Energy College remains committed to preparing graduates who are well-equipped to excel in their chosen careers and contribute effectively to the energy sector and beyond.


The other day, an open class dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Yeghishe Charents' birthday was held in ASEC, by Astghik Tananyan and Us. at the initiative of the council.

Educational Program

Currently, about 252 students are studying in 6 majors of the secondary vocational education program of the College, and 17 students are studying in 1 major by distance learning.

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